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American Horror Story season 7 Live Streaming premiere live stream: Watch online, The first episode 1 of “American Horror Story: Cult,” titled ‘Election Night,’ is finally here, How To Watch episode Live streaming on online. Date: Tuesday, September 5, Start time: 10 p.m. ET, Episode Title: Season 7, episode 1, Election Night. Watch pass Free

American Horror Story season 7 Live

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The first episode of “American Horror Story: Cult,” titled ‘Election Night,’ is finally here. Unlike last season of American Horror Story, the premise and character details for Cult have already been revealed ahead of tonight’s premiere. Creator Ryan Murphy first announced that last year’s presidential election would be the jumping off point for the entire season.

However, he assured viewers that the latest iteration of the FX anthology series would not simply document a real life event à la his American Crime Story, pledging that the season would not feature either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as characters. Instead, returnee Sarah Paulson’s phobia-filled character Ally will provide a commentary on liberal hysteria, while Evan Peter’s Trump-supporting Kai Anderson, an emerging cult leader.

Kai’s sister Winter (Billie Lourd), soon enters Ally and her family’s orbit when she’s hired to be her son’s nanny after revealing that she volunteered for Clinton’s campaign. In the season 7 promo, she teases the return of Twisty the Clown when gifting a toy of the Freak Show character to the young boy, making him promise not to tell his clown-fearing mother what he now has in his possession.

Meanwhile, Kai, inspired by Trump’s win, decides to run for city council and later the senate, using the growing fear and division in his community (as well as the rest of the country) to his advantage. It’s also been reported that Peters will portray multiple real life cult leaders throughout the season.