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Melissa Gitelman, Creative Director of Hat Attack

Melissa Gitelman, Creative Director of Hat Attack, brings their on-trend hats, bags, and other accessories with embroidered messaging. (Start me up!) Knit, felt, fleece, shearling, suede, wool, or corduroy – their “statement” pieces debuted in New York City in 1981 – and have sported a loud and proud attitude ever since. Here, Gitelman gives us some insight into keeping a 36 year old brand fresh, and a few of her favorite things in the city that never sleeps.

To what do you owe Hat Attack’s longevity?
We owe it to the owners, Bill & BJ and their ability to constantly change with the times and trends. As a company, Hat Attack has gone through many transitions to keep up with the ever-changing fashion industry. Both Bill & BJ are very aware of the importance of constantly keeping up, but at the same time sticking with their core competencies and remaining true to the brand.

As creative director of Hat Attack, how do you incorporate new trends into the brand’s timeless style?
While some of our styles are classic and basic, we always offer on-trend options as well. Whether it be a pop of color as a trim or a statement patch – we try to reach different levels of style to meet the needs of every customer.

Any hacks for keeping a 36 year old brand relevant and exciting?
Constantly being on the lookout for the next new thing—and finding inspiration everywhere we go.

What’s one thing we can’t learn about you from googling?
I love to travel.